UT96/72/48 Micro controller based timerUT96/72/48 Micro controller based timer



UT96/UT72/UT48 : Microcontroller based timer

Display: 3 digit bright red 7 segment
Setting: Membrane Keypads
Timing: 99.9sec/999sec/99.9min/999 min/99.9 Hrs/999 Hrs
Range: 0.1 sec/1sec/0.1min/1min/0.1hrs/1.0 hrs
Mode: on delay off delay cyclic
Accuracy: 0.1% Repeat accuracy with quartz crystal time based
Output: 5 Amp 230VAC relay contact with single or 2 pole change over or SSR o/p
Size: 96x96x110 mm, 72×72 mm, 48x 96 mm

Note: Special models namely UT96, UT72, UT48 are Universal timer which has built in facility wherein you can program according to your application, modes or range as well as power on or pulse trigger start.


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